Exercise zones – yay or nay?

Exercise zones – yay or nay?

Exercise zones – yay or nay? And why are they important anyway?

An Exercise Zone is a range of heart beats. Your target zone depends on what type of training or outcome you are looking for, and requires your maximum heart rate.

Maximum Heart Rate (MHR) – calculating your MHR accurately is only possible with a stress test, but this calculator can be used as a guide https://www.mioglobal.com/en-…/calculate-heart-rate-zone.htm (note that your fitness level and genetics can impact your MHR beyond the scope of simple calculators).

Anaerobic exercise (such as HIIT and some types of weight training) occurs at the 80-90% range and can make you leaner, faster and more powerful. Your body metabolism will remain higher over the next 24 hours.

Aerobic exercise includes lower intensity activities performed over a longer period of time – “steady state” exercises – like running (not sprints), walking or cycling. Your metabolism will return to normal shortly after exercise.

The fat burn range is even less intense at the 60-70% range but should be maintained for much longer periods to be effective, and doesn’t necessarily alter your metabolism like the higher ranges do.

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