Changing a lifestyle – Consultation with a Personal Trainer

During the last year, my job has led to a very inactive life where to most exercise I got during the day was to take a step to the coffee machine. I have never really exercised regularly before, since the active day job felt enough to keep me in shape. But now, being in the mid 30´s, in an office, with no motivation or inspiration, I suddenly feel that I will age very quickly if nothing changes.

It took several weeks before I finally got over the biggest hurdle, pure laziness, and took the moped (yes, not even walking) to the gym for a consultation.

The consultation was for free and Andy sat us down for an interview. He started with asking us what our goals were of getting in to exercising regularly and especially using a personal trainer, besides the obvious health benefits. Andy explained by having a goal and a way to get there, motivation comes automatically.

So after a few minutes I spoke out the first thing I could think of – “I want to get the strength and ability to get back to rock-climbing again”. To be honest I have never been a really great climber, but just the thought of coming back and passing previous levels suddenly felt very inspiring.

PT Consultation PUSH Fitness Center Ao Nang Krabi Thailand. Of course, in my mind I had scenarios of reshaping my whole body, but the most important thing was a new lifestyle, living healthier and feeling good. A short term goal is a perfect start.

Andy continued working through the interview with other questions about previous experiences in training and how we live our lives. Furthermore he also checked for any underlying medical problems, like blood pressure, cholesterol level and other limitations.

To round of the consultation, we agreed on a schedule of 3 times per week for the next 3 months. The time, Andy believed is that this is how long it takes a person to create habits, and this is just the idea.

The first session was on Monday, and the homework was a complete food diary to Andy so he could analyse a week’s nutrition from my perspective.

The decision is made, the goal is set and we are about to change a lifestyle.

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